Grats Mavs!

Though your dismantling of the Lakers this postseason was particularly hard to stomach, I was rooting for you guys the entire way after, doubly so in the Finals. The Mavs epitomized teamwork and perseverance and deserve to be champions. CONGRATULATIONS! See you next year!

 hopefully they can stick together and we can see a rematch next season. even though im heart broken over the loss im optomistic for the future. LBJ needs to see a shrink and fix whatever problems he has (seemingly alot).

This might have been the best thing for the league though, if the heat won it all right out of the gate it would've have fucked up the CBA big time. Owners would've been demanding franchise tage and hard caps.

so Congrats Mavs! You deserved it.

Monsters Ball - It was a good series and Dirk/Kidd and Marion finally got their hardware.