gray has joined an elite group!

i'm pretty sure his brown eye puked during that fight!

anyone have tivo?

LOL yeah thats why he ran outta there.

I just went back to my tivo...He shitted himself at some point of the fight lol


the thread starter knows this because one time he ran off of a wrestling mat when this happened to him.

ex lax is no good for cutting weight.

TTT for a gif.

TTT for a gif.


I'm pretty sure he just sat in a puddle of Diaz's blood.

You can see it when they show a reverse angle of the choke

dunk, you promised you wouldn't say anything when you were helping me clean up.

that's cold man...just plain cold.

It was Nate's blood.


don't shit on my parade.

you want me to post that pic of you and my brother.

haha shut that fucker right up