Gray Maynard: "My title shot"

Gray Maynard took the time to talk to about "The Ultimate Fighter", his fight with Ken-Flo and the infamous double KO slam. This is a Buddhasport exclusive so enjoy!

Matt Bull: How training going for your fight with Kenny?

Gray Maynard: "Everything is going great! This is my 5th southpaw in a row so it couldn't have come at a better time."

MB: What part of Kenny's game do you feel is the most dangerous?

GM: "He's pretty good all around. Nothing really stands out a great deal, he's just well rounded and seasoned. It isn't anything I haven't faced before."

MB: In a perfect world. How does the fight end?

GM: "I always like KO's. Feels good to put someone unconscious."

MB: What was it like working with fighters like BJ and Randy so early in your career?

GM: "It was great. I definitely had good examples to learn from."

MB: Do you feel that BJ got your title shot, especially since Frankie wanted to fight you?

GM: "I can see how they think he deserves a rematch. To me, it's not "if" I get a title shot, It's "when" I get my title shot."

MB: Explain what happened in your eyes in the Rob Emerson fight? Were you out at all? if even for a split second.

GM: "Joe Stevenson had me doing these drills the week leading up to fight, where I would pick up and slam a punching over and over. So when I got Emerson in the air, I was trying to slam him hard. I just hit my head on the way down, obviously I was dazed and possibly even out for a second. But how many times do you see guys get rocked in fights and even go out for a second and get woke back up with another punch or by themselves. But oh well, it's in the past, I just gotta keep moving forward."

MB: What was it like being on season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter season 5 with so many wild personalities?

GM: "That show sucks to be on. But it's a great starting point. I think that was one of the better seasons though."

MB: How do you see the Penn/Edgar fight going?

GM: "Edgar is tough to beat, but I think Penn will adjust and pull this one out. Won't be easy for him, should be a close fight again."

MB: Would you rather fight Edgar since you've already beat him and have some past camaraderie with BJ Penn?

GM: "Well obviously Penn is a legend with a great name. It would be great to have a chance to fight him. To me it doesn't matter, whoever has the belt."

MB: Who at 155, inside or outside the UFC, would you want fight most?

GM: Right now, Kenny Florian. But afterwards, whoever is holding the UFC belt.

MB: What are some of the things you do to stay in shape when not in a training camp?

GM: "I stay in the gym year round. I like outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and wakeboarding. I'm really into wakeboarding, if I'm not in camp. I know Rusty Malinoski pretty good. He's a big fan of MMA and one of the best in the world. Also Ricky Gonzalez he's a big fan of MMA too."

MB: What is something you just can't live without food wise even if you are dieting?

GM: "Mexican food!! Even when I'm dieting I make it healthy though."

MB:And last but no least the most important question of the interview: Megan Fox or Jessica Alba?

GM: "Of course!! I would say both, Megan Fox in the bedroom and Jessica Alba as a girlfriend. Like the saying goes you want the freak in the sheets, and the lady in the streets."

MB: Thank you for your time and good luck on August 28th against Kenny Florian.

GM: "Thank you and no problem."

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Gray is a cool guy and so is Kenny for that matter. I think these two will have a really entertaining fight. Good luck to both of them.