Gray Maynard vs. Rich Clementi

There isn't one so here


 Ok no need to say it twice

 where at?

 both are awesome fighters.  i'm very excited for this one!

 Im going with tramp stamp for the GNP stoppage round 2

 I am pulling for No Love in this one...I am not sure he can pull it out...but anyone that comes in to NIN is getting my vote for the win.

 wow, we have some new refs tonight.

 good first round...

potty mouth, randy.

they are screaming HUUUUUUUghes lol

Maynard imposing his will. His wrestling and cardio are too good. Clementi losing, but not takin any damage...

 ok i was wrong


Gray Maynard should use the key lock

2-0 maynard

LOL. Even the ref is bored with Gray. "let's Go.."

lol rogan "what does this ref want them to do?.......they're fighting"


ref shood just stfu