GREAT 1950s short brawl in HD...legendary puncher does super slick move

satterfield who was almost like an earnie shavers level puncher
fights a guy who comes right at him…

a little after 2 min mark, satterfield does a super cool move off the ropes


wow, how do you come up with these gems?

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Great fight. Thanks

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Very nice.

Didn’t see much holding/hugging as a defensive tactic in those days. You actually had to have offense and defense on the inside, as stalling wasn’t allowed.

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Nice short punch.
Good quality video.

Video ends like a second after the knockdown though…too bad.

They both took some solid punches.


Good lord just about every punch thrown in the fight was a power punch


Yeah imagine 5-6 rounds of that…


thanks…i love boxing history and this channel called smooth legends is one of the youtube channels that has some good restored fights


Nice find, thanks!

I love combat sports history too
I had the history of boxing by Nat Fleischer.
I remember that a lot of the early bare knuckle fighters ended up murdered.
Seems like they forgot about the old Equalizer, the colt 45.
The bad old days of the wild west.


At 2:30 Satterfield is holding the back of Brothers head with one hand and clubbing him with the other. Lennox Lewis did that for a knock down and a knockout vs Michael Grant.


yes i love the history of combat sports too, and martial arts in general
i like history of strength sports as well…like weightlifting and world strongest man etc

that is true about a lot of bare knuckle fighters
a lot of them lived that street lifestyle much like many boxers after them…but people back in those days were more willing to shoot

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Another Satterfield fight. Ezzard was legit. Walcott as well


Ali was a killer.


two legends going at it

Damn, great fight with one of the best finishes you could hope for.

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yes its one the best fights and finishes
one can find…

true classic

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Moorer vs Bert Cooper is a great slugfest too

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