Great 9/11 / Afghanistan Documentary on Netflix

This documentary was good. Goes through everything from early Afghanistan and the Russians (60s and 70s) to torture at Abu Gharib… to the Marine squad that killed civilians… to the new Taliban and their supporters who believe god is going to let them conquer the world now.

If its the same one I saw the first few episodes are great, then it becomes boo hoo poor terrorist harboring afghans.

I think that’s called balanced.

We bombed the shit out of them, killing kids and women. Every single time just created double the terrorists.

If terrorists set cluster bombs over your neighborhood every week, you wouldn’t like them much either.

It’s ridiculous how Americans refuse to see both sides of something. No I’m not siding with them. But if you can’t see both sides I honestly think you’re not very observant.

We destroyed Iraq over WMDs that never existed. Destroyed!

The Power of Nightmares is the best terrorism documentary IMO.

I didnt mention Iraq, because yeah that was BS.
I see both sides, and just happen to not give a fuck about terrorist harboring cavemen.

Making a lot of generalizations about Americans and also Whites lately. You ok Jinx?

Lol why do you guys always say that

Just because I’m capable of seeing blacks point of view doesn’t mean I’m BLM. Just because I can step into the mindset of a caveman like people that have been bombed for 30 years doesn’t mean I’m Al Qaeda.

It’s just putting on another pair of glasses and saying “ah from this perspective things are different!”

I imagine black’s pov is somewhat like this? Minus the pale hand of course.

Can anyone recommend an objective documentary on 9/11 as an inside job?