Great Artist

You folks should check out for some really good, detailed work. Check out the miniatures section.

His minis are amazing, I just wonder how they hold up long term, I've heard they still look great years down the road if they are taken care of.

Wow! Some of his stuff if pretty incrdible. Darb - do you have any tattoos from him?

Yes he's very talented.

No; I am in Toronto, Canada. If I make it to his neck of the woods in new york, I will get one. I have one from Daemon Rowanchile or, but I can't link to it the way his page is set-up. If you go here:, and check image #2003051589.jpg, that is one of mine.

this one?

amazing stuff. i crapped my pants...

which may or may not have had anything to do with his art.


Deech: Yeah, that's it. Look's like I need to take IE classes. :P