Great Blackbelt at Moreira's?

I met a bunch of blackbelts at Joe's seminar/tourney over the weekend, including Choked out Surfer!

Besides Joe and my instructor, three Brazilians were really helpful at the seminar.. Joao Perrini (sp?), Gustavo Moreira (really good english!), and a third... kinda smaller, kinda younger looking, really light-skinned wearing glasses?

Any help?


Joao Pierini used to be part of Joe's franchise program, but later broke off and did his own thing. He teaches in northern CA. Gustavo is Joe's ex-wife's brother. As far as the other guy, I think his name is Marcello? I really don't know anything about him as this weekend was the first time I had ever see him.

So Bolo, you were there after all?

Yea, Joao's school is Half Moon Bay Jiujitsu, and Gustavo's is Global Jiujitsu... which I think Joe teaches at now?

Marcello(?) was wearing a global shirt too, maybe he teaches there?


No, I was not there on Sat.. I did a private with Joe on Thursday night and saw Gustavo and the other black belt teaching class for Joe. Something came up Sat. morning and the host of my seminar was unable to take me to Joe's event.

Joe teaches out of a kickboxing school in Costa Mesa off Habor Blvd.