great boxing last night

HBO had Cintron vs Margarito 2 and Cotto fought that Gomez kid from the contender!

Also on Showtime Dawson fought Johnson and Tarver fought Woods.

Great night! Great weekend if you include Yamma Pit Fighting and tonight is the conclusion of Rock of Love 2!

BTW, anyone catch the shot Lampley took at wrestling when Cintron was KO'd? He really meant UFC/ MMA since Cintron has openly stated he'd fight in the UFC as he was a wrestler with a scholarship to a D1 school but went way of prize fighting instead! Even was interviewed on MMAWeekly radio by Damon and Jeff about fighting Sherk!

LOL, after creating thread, I should have put down (Leif in 3...2...1.....)

Your next screenname should be "HEHATEBOXING"

pacman vs Marquez 2 recently was also very very good close fight. Boxing is far from dead!

With Showtime/ CBS trying to use Kimbo to promote MMA, the sport actually takes a step backward instead of ahead of boxing.