Great Cage Rage 10 card!!!

Here are the confirmed match-ups for Cage Rage 10 sent in to the CW news team by Dave O'Donnell (Cage Rage Co-Promoter)

this event will take place at the wembley Conference Centre on 26th February 2005

  1. Renato “Babalu” Sobral (UFC vet/Brazil) vs. Pierre Guillet USA – Light-Heavyweight

  2. Sol “Zero Tolerance” Gilbert vs. Curtis Stout (UFC Vet/USA) Middleweight

  3. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos (Brazil) vs. Antony Rea (France) – Light-Heavyweight

  4. Alex Reid vs. Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera (UFC vet/USA) – Middleweight

  5. Cage Rage Lightweight Title - (Champion) Jean “White Bear” Silva vs. Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan UFC/Pride Bushido vet - TBC

  6. Matt “The Hardest” Ewin vs. Gabriel “Gladiator” Santos – Middleweight

  7. Jeremy “Bad boy” Bailey vs. Sami “The Hun” Berik – Welterweight

  8. Vacant Cage Rage Featherweight Title - Robbie “The Flame” Olivier vs. Leigh “Bulldog” Remedios (UFC vet)

  9. Andy “The Rock” Costello vs. Daniel Burzotta - Heavyweight

10 Marc Goddard vs. Robert “Buzz” Berry – Heavyweight


  1. Atilla “Mr T” Kubilay vs. Adam Kelly - Middleweight - TBC
  2. Kuljit “Asian Sensation” Degum vs. Mustafa Al-Turk – Heavyweight
  3. Brad “1 punch” Pickett vs.Chris “The freak” Freeborn Featherweight

Good card! Oilindadrum whats up bro? Long time no talk, hope all is well.

Hey LB everything is good, still posting over at Sherdog? it all got abit childish for me over there.

Great to see Brennan fighting for a belt again. Hope he takes it!

Nice card, that promotion is on the up and up. No Lindland?

Best of luck to Brennan, I hope he kicks ass.

I think Lindland will be fighting in SportFight but will take on Lee Murray at Cage Rage 11


What a card.
Almost every fight is a potential corker.

It will be great to see Babalu, Cyborg and Jean da Silva all on the same card.

hope there are not to many changes.

Wow...that is a great card

Cool, best of luck to Jean!


Good luck to Babalu and Brennan. I see Babalu finishing Guillet (hopefully by a TKO) and Brennan winning by sub.

Its just been confirmed that lee/lindland will not be fighting due to reason's beyond cage rages control!!

oh well still a great card though, great to see cyborg and brennan in the uk.
my money is on jean though!!!

What does TBC mean? And when is this card?

good card

Looks like an excellent card

qeysus, I think that means 'to be confirmed'.

The Hitler security will quickly kill any atmosphere there. There isn't really a thuggish atmosphere there.

Well Kainer, that depends on who is fighting and whether it was in reference to the fans or fighters...