Great card coming up in Dallas

Art of War 3:

Bout 11

Jeff "The Snowman" Monson VS. Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo

Bout 10

Jeremy "Gumby" Horn VS. Jorge Santiago

Bout 9

Jake Shields VS. Carlo Prater

Bout 8

Ron "The H20 Man" Waterman VS. Mario "Big Hurt" Rinaldi

Bout 7

Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez VS. Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz

Bout 6

Hector Munoz VS. Cristiano "Mr. Hey" Marcello

Bout 5

James Damien Stelly VS. Luis "Banha" Arthur Cane

Bout 4

Lana "Lethal Force" Stefanac VS. Franita Gathings

Bout 3

Robert "Bubba" McDaniel VS. Dave "The Rockstar" Phillips

Bout 2 -

Anthony Njokuani VS. Keyon Mike Jackson

Bout 1 -

Jason Maxwell VS. Thomas Schulte


can i ride in your time machine ?

Props to the matchmaker.

I don't think that's correct, DonkeyKick, but I could certainly be wrong.

so is Jake Shields off of the June 22 Elite XC card and now on this card?

I didn't know he was on that card. Are you sure he's supposed to be on it?

oneround are you affiliated with this show?? did you go to the last one?

I am not affiliated with it. I'm sitting here waiting for 12:30 to roll around so that I can head off to my doctor appointment.

I didn't go to the one in Austin, but I did go to the one in Dallas.

so how was it? the one in Dallas? worth the money?

Looks good

Rhyner, it was a really good show. The fights were good and the venue was outstanding.

Hector "H-Train" Munoz by flying inverted nightcrawler triangle as Marcello falls from a head kick.

1:13 R1

what is there web site again? I think i will attend this show, card looks good and you cant beat the AAC for anything so I am sure MMA will look great.

bad ass card

bad ass card

i went to there show in Dallas & i vouch for it, its def worth going to.

We had a VIP suite for the last Art Of War at American Airlines and I barely survived.

it was greatness.

...I reckon we'll get another one this go around although if I corner Hec I won't have too much time to enjoy it until after his fight.