Great cooling upgrade

Unfortunately, I've not got water cooling, but I did just get a new PSU, and my CPU temps are now about 5C lower and my case temps around 7C.

I upgraded after my old 300W could no longer handle all the shit inside my system and replaced it with a dual fan 550w. The extra fan really helps cycle the air through the case.

I also changed the orientation of the case fan situated closest to the CPU (it was previously blowing air in).

Im probably going to overclock the CPU a little more now - Im not sure what 5C less is to any of you, but thats a bigger drop in temp for me than when I went from a generic AMD cooler to a Coolermaster Aero 7+.

I wonder if intels run cooler than mine now? (35C at idle).

what u really need dude, is a Aliminim Case, drops temp alot and a few case fan's has some fuckin sweet cases

i got the Xaser II black

also some Artic Silver CPU paste

thermaltake got crazy gear dude, check it out, i recommend it all the time and sell it like crazy

water coolin is nice but well its water in ur PC hehehe, i just cant bring myself to trust it, not for a few more degree's lower

I think my case is aluminium at the moment. Those cases look cool, but the one I have at the moment is perfectly 'fuctional' (thats about a nice a thing as I can say about it).

Im not really looking for ways to cool my system at the moment. I found the AMD bartons to run very cool (or at least MUCH cooler than the palominos which gave me a bitch of a time trying to stop it turning into a radiator).

Finding this PSU made the system cooler was a happy coincidence though. I still have a few notches I can add to my FSB (currently at 190) so I might try it out later. That said, I can't really see an extra 110mhz of processing power doing much for my system.

pop some artic silver paste on ur CPU man, drop another few degree's

ya barton cores were better then pal;s

IMO that cooling paste shit is all bullshit. Sure, you got to have some, but the best brand isn't going to make 0.5C difference to any generic crap.

Lol, like I said though Im not looking to cool my PC any more, it was just a happy coincidence.

lol @ IMO that cooling paste shit is all bullshit.

Arctic Silver Ceramique dropped my CPU temp by 7 C compared to the generic crap that came with the motherboard.

Abit NF7-S

Coolermaster Aero 7+

Athlon 2800+ running stable at 250x10

1 GB Corsair PC3200 XMS @ 250

38 C idle, 43 C load

samehere Alpo

dropped my temp by another 5 degree's

Artic Silver rules...

Yep, I've used Arctic silver forever now... Swear by the stuff.

I used artic silver too. It dropped my processer temp by... shit.

I upgraded from a generic AMD cooler, to a Coolermaster Aero 7. It dropped it by about 3-4C.

Most cooling is BS IMO.