Great Deal - Beginner Guitar -

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Great deal for a starter guitar.

"beginner" guitar ultimatley means a "cheaper" guitar.

ive never understood a "beginner" guitar. you can learn on a 57 strat every bit as much as a cheap guitar. if anything, its easier to learn on a quiality guitar then a cheap one.

anyways id recommend someone getting an acoustic to learn on, then switching to electric. nothing pisses me off more then fools who can jam their asses of on an electric, but look like a clueless fumbling around with an acoustic.


Cheaper is good if you are not sure you will take to
it or not, I'd rather spend $50 on something I might
stick in the closet and never touch again. Then again
you could easily mount a '57 strat on the wall.

That's not a kramer.

This is a Kramer.

Sadly, kramers are not what they once were.

Even the lowliest of Focus 1000s from the 80s is superior to what musicyo tries to sell for 500 bucks.

Not mine.

That's Sam Kinison's Kramer Liberty.

Best place to find a nice old kramer is from a private person.

Worst place is ebay where a bunch of chumps part together and part out vintage kramers and make abortions out of them in order to sell them as more expensive vintage models.

Top of the heap Kramer circa 1986.

Built in the USA with top quality parts and neck-thru construction.

A step above Vivian Campbell's Kramer Nightswans which now fetch around 600 bucks or more on ebay.

I'm not sure at all what the 5 controls or how many positions the switch up top have but I'll venture a guess that the guitar has a lot of tonal possibilities.

ponyboy - no doubt it's not a real kramer, I'd never buy one....ever.

but for the 12 year old kid who (like you said) will play it twice, or even sticks with it and upgrades in 6 months, thought it'd be a decent idea.

Back in the 80s, Kramer turned out some pretty damn nice guitars. The Liberty was made only in '86 if I recall. The five knobs are vol and tone for each pickup and a master volume up near the bridge. The Liberty falls into that strange Kramer "is it an import or a USA guitar?" catagory. They made guitars in Neptune,New Jersey. They also imported parts and assembled guitars. ESP made necks for Kramer in the late 80s. The Liberty looks an awful lot like some neck thru ESP guitars of the day, but I don't know for sure who made it. Not that it really matters, they are nice guitars.

Yeah there are a lot of great online resources for spotting a legit kramer, and the numerous fraudulent ones on ebay. does a pretty good job, and my buddy who owns a couple of dozen of 'em...

Yeah...........69 bucks is pretty good for a playable guitar that's brand new and may be nothing more than a passing interest of a kid.

Actually........that's a good price for a sacrificial stage guitar and probably costs less than the squiers that Yngwie smashes in his live sets.

They don't have scalloped necks like every single other one of his non-sacrificial guitars.