great fight by jens

awesome fight jens, that was as good a fight ive seen in a while. you impressed me even in defeat.. ttt for jens!

Great hands Jens, great fight, everyone watching enjoyed it, said it was one of the more exciting ones of the night. Looking forward to seeing more of you in Pride.


Jens looked good, Gomi took a lot of shots and didn't show it.

The only thing I didn't like about that fight was the way it ended. :( Truth is, I think Jens is one of the fighters whose fans are his fans win or lose. I know I am, and I seem to have some company on this thread.

My dad came over to watch the fights with me. He was impressed by Jens striking and Gomi's toughness. I don't think I've seen him fight before.

Very entertaining match. I want to see more fighters their size in PRIDE.

I was really impressed with Gomis boxing ,incredible

Having been fortunate enough to meet Jens countless times, to be in the workout room with him and the Militich Crew at UFC 32, I am a Jen Pulver fan for life. A great person and a great fighter, they don't get much better:

Pulver vs Gomi:

well he got caught with some good strikes, and he landed some of his own, i really am not that big of a pulver fan...but i thought he fought well, gomi was just a little better

Very exciting fight. Win or lose I'm a Pulver fan.

i like Jens and all but i aint gunna sugarcoat it #1 he dont throw no kicks and dont like ghettin kicked #2 he didnt try anything other than straight boxing #3 He was getting beaten standing and didnt do anything to change it

That fucking round was a Boxing clinic by both fighters and I didn't care who won once I saw how beautiful it was. I wanted 3 rounds of that!

What a treat and Jens is still one of my favorite fighters...I still want to see him and BJ do it again. Jens is ALWAYS, win or lose, in an exciting fight.

all he did was straight box no kicks no dirty boxing no attempt to grapple or close distance He had no chance to win fighting like that

Good fight, I like how jens hung in there but he got his ass kicked imo........

Jens was doing well but the knees and kicks from Gomi were the difference maker. Awesome fight.

Jens has a lot more weapons in his arsensal, and did not show it..

Jens fought a great fight, he's flat out awesome. His striking looked very crisp. Outsized imo.

Im pretty sure he signed a 3 fight deal.

Jens could lose every fight and he would still be my favorite fighter. I thought it was a very exciting fight to watch.