Great fights tonight!

Great fights tonight on TUF. Corey Hill against Diaz, showed how hard Corey is going to be to handle. I saw Nate fight at Strikeforce, and he was great. Corey is just a huge guy at this weight. The fact that Nate did not just dominate him show how hard Corey is going to be fight when he gets more training.

Manny and Wiman - Fucking great job Manny! That was a great fight. Two rounds, unanimous decision. Great job!

I still think they're building up to Joe vs Nate. Ideally anyway.

Manny is a pitbull in the cage! I guess talent runs deep in the family.

As for Corey, I was really impressed by his improvement. I had him winning the round until he got caught. He had some nice hammerfists from sidemount, I was like, 'oh shit!'. He's got a good attitude as well about the sport. I hope he does well in the future.

Corey did good, showed a lot more in this fight than his first. Seems like a very likeable guy who has to work extra hard in everything he does. Gotta like a guy like him.

As for Karo, I can't wait to see next weeks episode, If he is punking Nate then there will be one less Karo fan here. Seasoned fighters should be above that, even should be able to restrain one's self if someone disrespects them.