Great guard=deceptive?

Deceptive in the sense that you think someone is really good. I used roll with some dudes who had great guards and I mean insane good but if you got passed it, which was difficult I admit, they were toast, they could not escape for shit. They also lacked the ability to keep you controlled when they were on top one could escape pretty easily from them.

Of coarse they always pulled guard when rolling and they would finish me from there all the time so I thought they were the shit.

Now that I have rolled with alot more different people who do not have as good a guard as the other guys but have more all around games I see how the other dudes were really not that good.

Not a huge point just an observation.

It's not just guard. I think what you are saying applies to anyone who is really good in one segment and poor in the others. Some guys have great top games, but put them on their backs and they are like turtles.

Thanks for making that point Andre. It saved me the trouble.

Agreed Andre but I think the guard in particular is more prone to this deception simply because of the overwhelming amount of time spent fighting from it and also it easier to obtain that position.

describes me 6 months ago (ok maybe not great but my closed guard was way ahead of the rest of my game) have really focused on not going to guard for the last 6 months, my game has really improved however if I am knackered i still take refuge in closed guard.