Great half guard tips

An Icelandic jiu-jitsuero I know put together a tutorial on several aspects of his half guard that I found very helpful. He was generous enough to let me share it on my site:

This kind of material is really valuable since I've never seen it well covered online before. It's these kind of moves, where you're just getting rid of the crossface and underhooking, or going to half butterfly, that are what you need before you can do anything else with the half guard.

I tried out his version of the lockdown last night and liked it. I was worried that without a real figure-four, it would be too loose, but I actually liked having the control of being able to step on the back of the calf.

Not bad Aesop, I'll have to try it. Worked on keeping posture while in guard at judo today. Hopefully it won't be so easy to break mine next time.

Don't count on it. Suzanne Somers is on my side.