GREAT Hockey-fights clips page

WOW just spent a couple hours checking this place out.Sooo many fight clips it's just nuts! highly recommend registering so you can view these.Just a TON and an entire section dedicated to Probie and Kocur even with lots of old and rare fights.

nm looks like you can view em without registering now lol.

holy shit, that's awesome! thanks!


thanks man

It even has the Probie vs Kocur battle with Bob taking the win at the end as per usual

I downloaded the Marchment x Rivet clip and it wont play, I downloaded Divx Pro and also updated my Windows Media Player, still doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?


To bad that fight was later in their careers. Its hate to see that fight in their prime.

Someone would have gotten killed.


Mark i hear ya.I'd still say Probie takes it in their prime, but holy shit would it be a war.

Hammett you have to actually be a hockey fan for it to work.

Probie was a warrior, for sure. and he has like 3-4 inches on Joey. But Kocur landed heavy, wicked shots that literally hurt people.

It could go either way.


Probie and Kocur were both awesome back in the day. The clip worked for me Hammett. It was a good battle, started out good, had a slowdown, and finished up good. Also lol at "you have to be a hockey fan for it to work" that was a good one.