Great interview with Cake!

Interview with Cake.

We understand there is bad blood between you and Gabe. What happened?

Gabe and I had a pact. Gabe told me that "Chocolate" Cake was his favorite and that we had an exclusive contract. Then he not only ate "Ice Cream" Cake on TUF, he also alluded to the fact that it was somehow better than me. I've wanted to hit him in the stomach... I mean "solar plexus" ever since. Ice Cream is only my step brother even though we look alike, and we had a falling out after I left the freezer door open and he started using the "Cake" moniker.

Is this a publicity stunt to build hype for the fight for UEC 1 "Let Them Eat Cake"?

Oh no, I don't need to hype the fight. I'm going to run a clinic on Gabe for 3 rounds before I put him in my patented nose and mouth submission. I've been training standup with Cereal, wrestling with Nuts, and BJJ with "Mouthful of" Greens. Greens really gets me going, and on fight night I'll also have Milk in my corner between rounds. I can not be stopped with Milk in my corner!

Are you underestimating Gabe?

Oh no, I'm training like never before! After watching Gabe dismantle Kobyashi at WEC 43 Donuts Galore I know I'm in for a battle. I've been training with Splenda to build my cardio, but on fight night I'll be pure sugar in the raw! I don't think Gabe will be able to resist charging in when I'm full of sugar. I'm going to rain some icing down on him before I get him in my patented "Mouthful of" Cake. I tell you what, he better tap or he'll need the Heimlich!

Have you changed your gamelan against Gabe?

Well one thing we have done is send a cake to Gabe everyday. Melvin was successful going after Gabe's belly, and I think I can get to him as well. I also got permission from the AC to wear a protective glaze during the fight. My camp was concerned that if Gabe licked my icing off that I might not perform at my best.

Will you be wearing a GI?

Unfortunately the AC will not allow me wear a Gi. I can't even wear Gi Pants.

Assuming you beat Gabe who would you like to fight next?

I'd like to go after Ricco again. I thought I beat that guy into retirement, but the last few times I have seen him he looked trimmer and he is still fighting.

How did you get into fighting?

It's a long story but let's just say there is a fat man somewhere who won't be sticking his fingers in the icing anymore.

Who was your toughest fight so far?

I'd have to say "Atkins" Diet. Atkins really stole a lot of my thunder and my popularity and paydays went way down for awhile. I finally beat the shit out of him and everyone loves CAKE again! Jello was also a good fight. He has great takedown defense and is almost impossible to submit. Fortunately he has no standup and his cardio is suspect. I beat him in a lopsided decision, but I was never close to finishing him.

After Gabe who would you like to fight next?

First I'd like to say that I am not looking past Gabe, if I give Gabe any opening he'll eat me alive. He is like Godzilla when he thinks he can sink his teeth into you. That said after Gabe I'd really like to put a beating on Ice Cream, he has been trying to steel my popularity by using Cake in his name. What the fuck is Ice Cream "Cake". I know he is tough, but I think he will melt under the pressure. Gelati stole his warrior spirit, but it is still an important fight for me.

Do you have a prediction for the fight?

I'm going to KO him with a repeated body attack. KO by accumulation of blows to the belly... I mean "solar plexus".

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

I'd just like to thank everyone for the support, mad props to the fans!  I want to ask you all to tune in for my rematch with Gabe. While Gabe's first fight with me was a KO loss for him that sent him to the hospital apparently Gabe is hungry for more... whoops I mean the fans are hungry for more. Everyone loves Cake and Cake loves everyone! I especially want to thank my friends at Dominos Sugar and Hershey's Chocolate for all of their support, having great sponsors with a product you believe in makes this game so much easier. I feel like I wouldn't be where I am today without their generous support and amazing products.

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I get what youre doing and all but a bit long IMO

Click here for a bunch of guys who eat a lot of cake.


nice work

See the first posting of this interview (some ridiculous mod moved it to the scrap heap... I mean TUF forum.

New interview with Cake! (safe to click not a joke).

"I get what youre doing and all but a bit long IMO"

I get what you are doing as well.  It's commonly referred to as "being a total asshole".



LOL well sorry if you feel that way. Calm yoself!! I didnt know that not laughing at your jokes was a crime. IMO the cake thing is just played I mean its been done to death now surely? Just didnt think it was so funny it needed to be that long and for you to bump it like 5 times is all.

BTW if I am the one being an asshole what does that make you? Im not making fun of any fat fighters here....ha ha.


Thanks for proving my point.

Also Cake is not a fat fighter and I am not making fun of him.


Cake has a way with words and a great command of the language.

It was a fun interview, I got a private from Cake afterwards, and the guy can really teach as well. He is super technical.

fuckin great

now i want cake

Cake will fight anyone, anywhere, at any weight!

Cake will beat Fedor one day. I am 100% sure.

Great interview

Man I love Cake!

Fuckers moved another cake interview to the TUF forum.

If cake wears his purple cape to the cage Gabe is done dealing.

Cake + Purple cake = KO