Great interview with Glenn Jacobs

Found this interview on The Sun website's wrestlecast radio program.

Kane: Don't call me sweetheart


Published: 14 Aug 2009

IT'S the WWE's Big Red Machine as you've never heard him before.

In our latest WrestleCast, Kane breaks loose from his on-screen character to talk us through the ups and downs of his wrestling career.

He reveals the secrets behind all the electrocutions, infernos and destruction - and Steve Austin's rather sweet pet name for him.

Kane also talks about his greatest career moments, his favourite fellow WWE worker and why only he and Vince McMahon thought it was a good idea to lose the mask.

He also tells hosts us about some of the less stellar parts of his wrestling life, including playing a demented dentist and having to talk with a voice box that didn't work properly.

Then there was the time he almost killed Drew Carey...