Great job johnny!

Great fight last night at the UCF sickboy,you did the team proud.

did he win?

Lost in RND 2 via americana.  It was Johny's first fight ever, with the exception of a NAGA tourney.   He fought well and was doing really well on the striking end but towards the end he just ran out of steam and got caught.      

I am proud of him for representing well.  It was not a win but he fought hard and he definately looked like he was ready to be in there.   Good job Sick Boy.

Also... congrats to Mike Lee and his Fighter.  It should not have been a draw.  Your guy definately had the W!    

Congrats, Mike's boy! You are still very new at this game. Good job!

Anybody have the KO Fitness/ATT Orlando results?

jose won by triangle, tim lost i believe by triangle, and mark won by tko

Thanks, Murphy!

Jose's fight was really good.  He is fun to watch.  He also earned the nickname "B&E" from the show promoter because the cops came to the weigh ins and took him out in cuffs on a case of mistaken identity.  He was walking around outside previously with a sauna suit on and a towel over his head and someone called the cops because they thought he was a robber.   LOL, how about that for getting you in the fighting mode.

Great fight Jose. 


LOL!!! Thanks, Ben! I need to give him a hard time about that!