Great Job Riddle!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We're all proud of you kid. You fought their top guy whose been fighting since you were in grade school and put on a great display of heart, courage and talent. Your potential is limitless and we all believe in you 100%.

Thanks for giving a shout out to the gym and keep your chin up. I'm conifdent you won a lot of fans tonight and showed America and the world that you don't have to train at one of the "big schools" to hang with the best.

God's speed my friend. Now get your ass back in the gym!

See what opposing coach Forrest Griffin had to say about Riddle in his episode reaction blog:

Forrest Griffin TUF 7 Episode Reaction Blog: Week 4 - 4/24/2008
by Forrest Griffin


 Agreed 100%  Kids a beast.  He gets some experience and a little seasoning and I see a bright career ahead of him!

Great fight!

Thanks for the support guys. I know Matt appreciates it.

He clearly showed tonight that he has the one thing no one can teach. BALLS! the rest will come with time. He's only trained mma for 2 years. I promise you'll be seeing a lot of this kid in the future!

You are at a ravine with three others and need to cross a rickety bridge. You can cross it in one minute, the three others can cross it in two, five, and ten, respectively. A flashlight (your group has only one) is always required to cross, and only two people can cross at a time. How do you cross as quickly as possible?

Riddle is tall and strong for the weight class, he just needs jiu-jitsu and more fight experience.

LMAO @ the "Riddle" joke!

Riddle showed a huge heart. Much respect for the guy. His strength seemed really good as well. Looked like he out muscled Credeur in some moments of the fight.

Just gain some more experience and I think he'd turn out to be one hell of a fighter.

very exciting Fight! Who woulda thought a year ago Rat Pack would be talked about on TUF! Great job guys.

oh and postee:

2 minute and 1 minute cross with light = 2

1 minute comes back with light = 1

5 and 10 cross with light = 10

2 comes back with light = 2

1 and 2 cross with light. = 2

total = 17 mins.

I think Matt is awesome. He was game and definitely tested me. The kid is gonna be a force in the next couple years. I am just glad I got the chance to fight such a great talent. Congrats Matt and best of luck in the future bro.

Tim Credeur

Awesome post by Tim, grats on the win. But how can u not be impressed with Chipper! Basically if he woulda just backed outta your guard Tim, he "could" of coasted to a decision. I bet riddle is kickin himself for not hearing rampage SCREAMING to stand up.

But i wanted u to win just becuz i know how much u've put into this sport and I knew riddle would prolly get himself another shot at the UFC win or loss as long as he showed heart.

Great fight Riddle

TTT for Chipper!

Riddle reminds me a bit of Forrest in personality and body type.. he is a big 185..

if he hooked up with XtremeCouture.. or TeamQuest.. he would be really good.. I dont see him as a jits type of guy but more of a wrestler GnP

Great fight for both guys. Riddle definitely has a ton of potential.

 On Matt's behalf Tim, thank you for the kind words of support. You are a class act my friend and, as I said on other threads, I think you both got what you needed last night. Your star rose higher in the mma universe and, dare i say, a new star was born,

Best of luck to you and your family. You have fans in Palmerton PA now my friend!

hi tim, I was just wondering if you aquired any pics of riddles mom? lol, great fight from both of you guys and I really liked how you went after one of the tuffest in the house right away.

LOL. As I am confident the remainder of the season will prove...the last thing Riddle needs is a driver's lisence!

There are very good reasons why people like me, his training partners and his mom drive him everywhere as will become quite evident in the weeks to come!


We are, believe me.

As I have said elsewhere, the only credit I take for Riddle, other than trying to guide him professionally, is that I had the common sense when he first walked into my gym and asked how much it was to train, to reply "How much do you want??".