Great job to Cash Bill on black belt

My friend Bill got a black belt from Caesar Gracie today. Bill is professor Gracie's 7th black belt. Bill is a great guy and a middle aged regular joe like me and he is an inspiration to all of us guys that do Jiu jitsu for the pure love of it. He would be the first to tell everyone that with dedication, anyone can achieve a black belt with years of work and study. Great job Bill hope to see you at Pan Ams this spring.

hell yes, that one was LONG overdue! Video?

As a middle age, late BJJ starter these stories make me happy and I can believe I might make it there someday.

man though, Gil Castillo has been a brown for how many years? Or does he just not train anymore?

Congrats! Cesar is the old guard and has high standards.

Seven? Terell, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, George, now Bill and who are the other two?

Grats! Phone Post

This makes me Cesar's seventh black belt.

1. Dave Terrell
2. Nick Diaz
3. Jake Shields
4. George Alber (Average Joe)
5 Eric Shingu (special program with Caio Terra)
6. Matheus Andre...Caio's friend from Brazil
7. Me

From Billy's post

Matheus Andre is awesome. I did a private with him a couple of years ago. Phone Post