Great loft but worth $625k?

It spans 5,700 square feet on the fourth floor of the 6th Street Lofts, and has tile inlay in the floors and unique wood panels brought in by a previous owner. The loft, originally listed for $700,000, sold for $625,000 cash earlier this month






























If someone has paid for it you'd hope it would be market rate and therefore worth it. I'd live in that in a heartbeat if that was in my city.

I build houses for a living and a lot of brand new houses are so sterile with no real character. This loft is full of character. Love it. Phone Post 3.0

Worth it for those doors imo Phone Post 3.0

That is in corktown.

My wife and I thought about making a bid on a place in there.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, that place is fucking awesome.

Just an unbelievable amount of potential there.

Bachelor/party pad of epic proportions imo. Pay $650 and tell them to keep the change. Phone Post 3.0

Place is really cool, I feel like lofts/open layouts like that always look cold, lol.

Either way very cool Phone Post 3.0

What city and state?

$650k for 5000 Sq ft of any house is a bargain, but an ultra cool loft like that would cost $6.5 MILLION in a major city Phone Post 3.0

In Detroit?

Price is great, but location, location, location.

I would buy that in a heartbeat. What's the catch, is it in cracktown? Phone Post 3.0

My God those floors!

That would be worth about $11M in NYC (I have a client who just plunked down $6.25M for 3300 sq ft on the East Side)

I don't care where that is, I want it.g Phone Post 3.0