Great MMA tonight in Tijuana

If any of you fans of MMA can make it tonight to Xtreme Imapact in Tijuana you should. Its only 5 minutes past the border a 5$ cab ride.

Sean Sherk has a real fight on his hands with my teamate Charles Diaz, this is a very high level fight that will change the ranking s in the welterweight division.

Mike Van Arsdale is also fighting (UFC and Abu dhabi vet) Paul Buenetello is on the card, this guy throws bombs!

And for fans of kicks to the head I will be trying to land some of those tonight on Shannon the Cannon.

Gerald Strebrendt is also on the card in a submission grappling match, old style no rounds just to the tap.

High level fighters in a town great for the afterparty, (I have a blackbelt in Tijuana afterpartying) come check it out and have a great time afterwards.

Just get to the border park on the US side and take a 5 miute ride to the Jai Lai stadium.

Reggie "Can't wait to wreck" Cardiel

Cant wait, good luck in your fight and see you at the after party..


im a grandmaster in the ancient art of matamoros partying

Geralds match shouldnt last to long, whos he fighting?

TTT for SHERK!!!

is the cannon fighting?

Geralds match lasted about 10 minutes. He fought my buddy santino difranco. Got em w/ a heelhook. Apparently it was a good fight, back and forth, lots of scrambles. usually GS just train wrecks everybody but it sounded like they put on a good show. I heard GS weighed in at 179, if so he has some weight to cut in the next month.

cadeswallows how much did Santino weigh in at !