***Great Muay Thai Gear***

I just went up on a website and saw some great Muay Thai gear. They have all the best colors and one of the best brands in Muay Thai "Twins" go check them out at www.dm-extreme.com The guy on this forum named "warfrog" would have more information on the store but it looks real good to me. Gerald Strebendt

looks awesome!! I especially like all the different colours of shin guards!! looks funky!!

but, it needs more pics of sexy chicks wearing the gear *s*


I have never seen so many different colors of shin guards either! I hope they have them in stock so I can start telling my friends about this website!


TTT for pink shinpads!

I got some gloves from them a couple of months ago and they were great. Great service and speedy shpping. I just ordered another pair this past weekend from them.

Hey cool site hey gerald big fan of yours could you
whenever you get a chance out your busy schedule
could you email me at babyfaceterror@hotmail.com have a question i like to ask you.

I know these guys personally and I can vouch for them that they carry great products at an affordable price and the customer service is awesome