Great News for Adventure Game Fans

Sam and Max team forms new studio

Some of the guys that were working on the Sam and Max project before it died formed their own studio and will work to revive the Point and Click Adventure genre!


That rules. I hope they manage to release at least one great adventure game before they go bankrupt because they didn't make an FPS, Grand Theft Auto rip-off, or anime-inspired game.

sadly, i think you're right, bro. i really, really hope they make it because these type of games were my favorite growing up... i used to spend entire summers playing them.

I too grew up an Adventure game fan. Hell, I used to do odd jobs, when I was too young to officially work, for random people in the neighborhood just to afford the next new Sierra title.

By the time Lucas started making great titles I was working in a software store so it made it much easier to play everything out there.

Anyway, well it isnt Al Lowe's baby anymore but you know the new Leasure Suit Larry just came out Tuesday and the price seems right. ($29) I'm just waiting for BestBuy to get some copies in order to check it out.

I tracked down a Sam and Max: Hit the Road CD on eBay.

But, when I got it, it wouldn't really play on OSX. I considered buying OS9 just to play this stupid game again.

Leasure Suit Larry is ok so far, some parts are pretty funny. My problem with it so far is that it isnt an adventure game as much as it is an arcade game.

In order to pick up babes you have to play games like Quarters and Whack a Pole and during the dialog instead of picking lines to throw at the girl you control a moving sperm and try and hit the good eggs else he will swear and fart or say something that throws your game off.

The best part so far is that he farts on cue.

Yeah, I heard that it's funny, but it's ultimately just a collection of mediocre minigames thrown into a funny storyline.