Great news From the UGC

In the last 2 months we at the UGC have been working every hard to bring to our fans,fighter and all who love mma bigger and better shows.So in early December we where contacted by Pay per view providers.These companies who are very experienced in pay-per-view events where at our last show.The executives who were present on Dec 20 where very impressed with the type of show we had.Also they noticed that we do what it takes to promote Great Canadien talent.

In the weeks after the show we were in negociation with 2 pey-per view providers.We are very proud to say that the UGC have come to an agreement with Bell Xpress View and Indigo.

In the next few weeks to come we will finalize the deal.This deal will also include a half hour mma fight clips which will be shown in the western part of Canada.

We will let everyone know what the deals are and when the UGC will air on pay-per-view.So in the next few weeks we will have all the info for everyone.

We at UGC have said it that we are the next big mma show and with help from friends like the AFC,and shut up and fight all three orginization will be stronger as a group then a single unit.

Yay for more MMA in Canada!

Good luck Liv and the UGC crew. More MMA the better for all.

Congratulations to Liv and all the crew!
Getting more exposure to the sport on "mainstream" tv is going to be good for everyone. Keep forging ahead and being a great rep for the sport. Your success is amazing!
Paul Mitchell



ttt for MMA on Bell Expressvu :)

I just hope there isn't too much smoke in the venue to see the fighters! UGC needs a bigger more professional venue. Either's good news for our sport.


Definitely great news.

Sweet. Looking forward to it. I believe the UGC put out DVDs for a couple of their events; is there one out yet from the even in the summer? June, I think?


WHere can one get said DVD's?

Great news UGC, finally a local promotion that will actually air their shows on PPV, not only pretend they do... lol