Great News!

Carlson Gracie black belt and co-founder of the Revolution BJJ team, Rodrigo Medeiros just finished his seminar at Samuel Puccio's BJJ. Rodrigo has only given out ten black belts since he has been teaching and the tenth went to Samuel Puccio today! Alabama now has a BJJ black belt (please forgive me if there are others that I am unaware of).

Also, Dr. John, who has competed and medaled several times at the Pan Ams and who intends to compete in the Mundials this year received his brown belt.

George (Kim, I think is his last name) got his blue belt. For some reason, I got my purple.


yeah, I'm just glad it is a "deep" purple and not "Barney the Dinosaur" purple...

I knew if I said that I'd be wrong. I didn't know James was black. Last I heard, he was just promoted to brown.

3 is better than one anyway.

He trained himself in the backwoods of Alabama, wrestling small brown bears and giant pet hogs.

Johnny Lee Smith is a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Carlos Machado. His school is in Cullman. He has even brought Rickson Gracie to Alabama back in 1999

oh and...Congrats to Samuel and Hiza Geri!

Great news! Congrats to Samuel, Phillip, and everyone else down there!

Yeah, you know, I wasn't sure if Johnny actually had the belt. I always "heard" that Machado had said he was "black belt level" but that he never took or had the belt proper. It sounded strange to me. I know his guys are very good, and I hear one of them has an mma fight coming up. I can't wait to watch it.

Anyway, that's great to know that our state is finally starting to get some more talent and develop what we have. And thanks for the props. We'll see how it goes next weekend in GA..

If there are any other BJJ blacks who can trace their belt lineage proper, please let us know. So far, we have 2: Johnny (Triad MA) and Samuel.

That would be Tony Sullivan from Triad. Brown Belt promoted by Johnny and Carlos Machado. He is very talented.

Congrats to Samuel, Philip, & George. If his last name is Kim, he must be a serious pimp.

*streetcop isn't a black belt. He was recently promoted to pink though.

Did he get a pink gi to go with it?

Ooooohhh, oooooohhh, ooooohhhh -
He and Kyra Gracie can do a photo shoot together! (he has to keep his gi on, though)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kyra Gracie is dreamy!!!!

If you're going to talk about her, at least post pics! WTF?!

I'm not as smart as Joey or The Legend, one of them will have to pick up the slack.

By Bama standards she's at least an 8 dude.

I didn't mean to Skip the comma. My apologies.

As the MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND it is my duty to notify you MOWA Outlaw, that if you try to have me post any pics of Kyra w/ some dudes you will be requested to be BANNED.  You're on notice.  Luckily, I am a LEGEND and a all around GREAT Guy and will forgive you this one time. 



Edited to say She is a 10 by AL measures! Consider some stuff AL has produced! Think about it.

I appreciate the warning. You could've wished death upon me but you didn't. You're a class act in my book.

Agreed. I didn't want to come out & say it. I moved here from Cali; it took a decade to adjust to the Southern Belle's.

Moved here from Europe 9 years ago: Southern Girls can be HOT, some are NOT. The fights at Tuscaloosa showed me they are around :)

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