Great News!

The obesity in this state is ridiculous (especially the women). These women need to put down the collards & cornbread & go to Spartan Fitness & get in shape.

I had a minute to think about it...

FCFBlazer - for focusing on the DUDES in that pic, I have to reconsider my vote for you as AL Forum mod.

"The fights at Tuscaloosa showed me they are around :)"

I was there in Feb. There were definitely some rotties there. Like 2 or 3.

LOL, how can you not! Look at those tools, jeez. I am jealous of them though, to be honest.

Ahhhh, Kyra FCFBlazer, has a nice ring to it!

I also want to add that I'm a taurus & I like big butts.

LOL. This is slowly turning into a cheezy personal ad.

2 or 3 at the fights themselves, but I'm talking about the main strip near campus with the bars, Goodness!!!!!!

It had Leif ready to put on some Khaki Shorts, a pink Polo shirt, golf visor and grow his hair out!

I only went to the after party. All the women there were beat down. Vaseline is more attractive than what I saw.

what afterparty? We were all at Mug Shots, which didn't have many, but as Leif, Keith and yours truly, the MMA.TV AL Forum Legend left Tuscaloosa, I saw many, many, many hotties!

It's spelled rotties. That's another strike man. Come on.

Don't remember where. That's how much of an impression the place left on me. At least the fighters got to drink for free. I'd like to thank one, who shall remain nameless, for hooking me up!

Nah, not going to start calling them rotties. While I respect all of my OG brothers, I will remain with the correct spelling, its the only way to let everyone know I am not a product of the AL public education system.

Besides, as a LEGEND, strikes do not apply to me! I am now MMA ROYALTY!

don't get me wrong, when I was in LA, it was the BOMB!

Hey now, I went to AL public schools!!

Hiza Geri has worked hard to escape the stigma that comes with a AL public education by earing his JD/ Passing the bar exam and more importantly...surpassing 1000 posts!

grabbing lucha mask...

You bozos just didn't go to the right places in T-Town. As I went to school there, I know where the "hotspots" are. Leif and Steven must have nearly broken their necks a couple dozen times from twisting to look at hot girls. They also threatened me with repeated beatings for not taking them down there before.

puts on khakis and polo w/ flip flops

You driving me back to the hot spots?

Leif showed me the new variation to the Anaconda Choke tonight, pretty tight! No pun intended!