The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon has transferred more power to Triple H in recent months and is now missing half of the SmackDown taping on Tuesday's which allows his son-in-law to run the remainder to gain more experience.

As far as Raw is concerned McMahon is in charge but lays low from the wrestlers conducting meetings with the producers prior to the show and run the show from the gorilla position.

I think HHH can do a good job as long as he doesn't put himself into the angles.

I like the way he tried to bring some prominence back to the tag team division.

agreed Nuckin, as long as he stays away from the spot light, allow these younger guys to grow...I know he was working on fixing the Development as well.

HHH is both good and bad for the sport.  He needs to not only stay out of the spot, but he needs to listen to a lot of people around him for feedback.

He should ask for feedback from guys like Punk who may have a different perspective on things.  Not just hire a creative team that will agree with all that he says. 

they have a great group of guys and gals who are doing the training in development.

should be some good talent coming up in the future...

the main issue is fixing creative and getting writers/minds employed who were fans of wrestling and are fans...they need that connection with the product.

thats the biggest issue IMO