Great Penalty Idea

Sir Clive Woodward, World Cup winning Rugby coach as suggested something in advance of the forthcoming FIFA World Cup (sponsored by McDonalds)

England have 3 friendlies before the tournament. He suggests that after the final whistle, that every England player should ahve to take a penalty against the opposition keeper.

Obviously it wouldnt mean anything, so there is slightly less pressure. But it would be great for almost recreating conditions. Plus there would be some pressure, as you would look like a right tit if you missed.

doesnt cost anything, and I for one am all in favour.

I wouldn't agree with doing it that way.

Much better to do an actual penalty shootout with both teams getting 5.

Good idea but they'd still lose any shootouts in the World Cup. It's just how it is. Just like Newcastle United will never ever win a penalty shootout.

Or like Liverpool win every one.