Great Picture...

From a local event this past weekend:

Check out all the pics at MMA Photography. Zach takes great pictures.

nope. just some local guys. photographer is a friend of mine. here's another bad ass picture:

no, that's "The Rainmaker"

I like this one


Great Pics.

cool stuff

Those guys at MMA photography capture everything. They do a great job.

and dont let the second picture fool you ... that fight was terrible

Both fighters catious. It wasn't the best fight, but can't always have a barn burner.

Regardless, it's still a bad ass picture.



that 1st pic looks liek the guy falling pulled a crocop on his leg.

^ And he looks "excited". 


how'd this get back to the first page?

That first picture looks like the guy standing has a boner and the lady in the front row is impressed.

Great pics BTW.

nice pictures..

LOL@ Fera. I thought the same thing.