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AnthonySullivan to Turd Atkins

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I want to come hear to expose all your lies. So tell me about how you were BJ's coach and ran the EliteXC office you fucking fake. I'm sure you won't spout your bullshit now that I'm confronting you in front of your peers. You're a fat piece of shit who was run out of Oklahoma because you're a fucking joke.

Prodigy Returns toTurd Atkins


come on a sport and post some pics of that girl beating your ass.

Steamfitter to Turd Atkins


He welched on a$500 dollar bet.....and got choked out in an elevator...

The shenanigans never end with Todd.

Where is mine??? I thought it was pretty quick? Phone Post

SubdudePsyche on Turd Atkins

Turdle, i'm not mad cause of anything you say here.

Everybody knows you aren't worth a lump of shit.

12/10/09 7:57 PM

Prodigy Returns on Turd Atkins

how fucking hilarious is this shit???

turd atkins has spent endless hours telling us what a superstar he is in hawaii & how every body loves him there.

we all knew it was bullshit, but to get the kind of confirmation this thread has provided is priceless!!!

12/10/09 7:58 PM


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Its strange, its almost like Turd Fatkins (As he's known in the midwest) is hated everywhere he

12/11/09 4:25 PM


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Hard to disagree with a dead person Todd. My mom is dead.

But hey, I don't know this meat dude, but the fact still remains........

You're a fag.

12/14/09 5:23 PM

Greg Southworth

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I always liked Todd alright and often felt bad for the way Matt and Beau treated him.

Now that I dislike Matt Wiman it seems like Todd is an even bigger fag than Segroves states...

The OKUG has spoken!

3 hours ago

ElCid to Turd Atkins

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Longer than it took for that chick to sub you

Thank you... I rarely talk shit, but I patted meself on the back for that one. Phone Post

Dale you seem upset. I know it's easy for you lie because it's in your nature but it won't change anything. Phone Post

All the lies in the world won't change the fact you know I am telling the truth and you are full of shit. Phone Post

4/26/08 2:50 PM

OneManArmy (tm)

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Horse Shoe Head Todd Atkins is a fat fuck!

4/26/08 5:45 PM

Master Shredder

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Turd Atkins was not a top troll he was just a douche bag and your right Crooklyn nobody gives a shit about him either...thats why he's seeking attention.

4/26/08 7:56 PM


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ahhhhh.... ToddFatkins rears his ugly little head again...

4/28/08 1:19 AM


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plus he is a fagit and dosnt talk to women.

4/28/08 1:45 AM


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todd fatkins is an annoying fat fuck

4/28/08 2:46 AM


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he welched on a 500 bet, i believe, then he said "the checks in the mail"..

So then they were like "whats the tracking number" which he didnt give..

So they say "500" and "tracking number" anytime that bozo posts.

Tell him I said to fuck off

Had one too many pills tonight Dale? Phone Post