Great quote on what unites europe

one of the most popular leaders in russian history
and no unlike your current american leaders,he did not push lgbt agenda

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lenin had an IQ probably 10 times higher then yours
and europe also advanced civilization more then any other part of the world

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Good day, brand-new poster!
As a Pagan, I approve your message.

Say, what’s your position regarding atheism, seeing that you’re promoting some of their icons?

i believe in God and do not like atheism much actually…

now the topic you mentioned
lenin was not a believer but he was for freedom of religion
stalin was the most aggressive against faith…but overall lenin was not a big fan of it for sure but he said that if a religious person was a communist he was welcome in the party

Leonid Brezhnev was likely a believer and under his reign it became more a lot more acceptable to show your faith…if you see soviet films for the 1970s,you will some see people in films sometimes wearing crosses or jew or muslim signs…

but no it was far from perfect under him…it was getting better and better

i do not promote anyone…i just like to discuss things that are not often not talked about

here is a very famous quote by Leonid Brezhnev

whats also odd is that despite the ussr government being unfriendly to faith in general
they at the same time paid mouthy salaries to priests, rabbis and muslim clerics

i know people from places like Uzbekistan to Latvia…and life was often quite different republic to republic…it was not all the same like people think…people also moved around a lot…

ps i am not a fan of the ussr in general…it had some good things about it but also many,many bad things about it… like its overall treatment of faith and also of course freedom of speech issues etc… but its history is interesting

You’re quite wrong when it comes to Lenin, brand-new poster.

Marxists will flood you with quotes regarding “religious freedom”. Now marxism is good on that front, because they like to believe that in the end their ideology will deliver a perfect material buffet for everybody. So if somebody wants to own a nice religious symbol and do gymnastics in front of it - why not, comrade?!

Reality, however, played out very, VERY differently:
First of all, Lenin’s revolution was maybe the most bloody affair in western history. After seizing control, public killing, maiming, torture and humiliation became rampant. They immediately started to systematically abuse the bourgousie (mainly killing, stealing and raping) which probably left Russia in a more stupid and primitive state today. Former bourgouis rich kid Lenin enouraged everything and inserted his fingers as far as he could to became the richest man in Russia.
At this stage, religion was not the enemy because Lenin knew it would have been foolish to incite animosity among his majorly religious peons. It had to be a gradual process. So from the beginning, atheist brainwashing became mandatory. The declared (in the CPSU’s program) aim was to disrupt any influence the church had on the people. Step by step, the meddling with the country’s biggest church (orthodoxy, duh) grew into chicanery and policy demanded not only loyality but outright ideological support. Small stuff like handing over all their expensive chalices was a no brainer.
That it was mainly jews like Trotzki who ran these terror-commissions was to remain a state secret, as commanded by Lenin.

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now its you thats quite wrong… one lenin came from a middle class family
not a rich one…he was a mix of different nationalities…try reading russian sources not american ones

also you dont take history into account…lenin was brutal in many ways but maybe you
should read into how brutal the czar and the rich were to the poor masses in russia for decades before lenin…then you will understand the hate.

also you may want to look into how lenin and other soviet leaders lived before you make claims about him become so “rich”

but as far as marxists go, you have a bit of a point but dont forget that the right wing
also forgets to tell people Engels kind of a religious guy who came from a religious family

what does trotsky being jewish have to do with this?
jews had it pretty bad in the ussr, much worse off then russians etc

again before sounding so smug…read russian sources on russian-soviet history…they know their history better then american conservatives do

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