Great quote on what unites europe

Look, I don’t have the time to go into the weeds of early communism. My position is pretty mainstream in so far that it’s heavily supported by good sources. Even middle class would have been pretty comfy compared to what “workers and farmers” had to endure.
Nobody said the Russian nobility was great. The whole state was disfunctional, after all. It was too big, the history to heavy, its location problematic, the elites ambitious and roughless and so on.
And your new takes on Russian jews- shame on you, Oranos.

Oranos reviving himself as a very specific type of elderly Russian communist is very funny to me.

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you must be late to your special needs class ?

who is oranos?

everyone knows that russians jews had it pretty bad in the ussr
anyone who lived there, knows this…so your sources are not as great as you think

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yeah i am sure not sure why your uneducated retarded self got let in here

learn to read history american queer