Great Story

 One of my clients just sent me this little note to let me know how he is doing. The coolest thing about this is he is 46 years old and did not start competing in BJJ until he was 41.


I like to keep you up to date since you helped me so much get back into competition shape after I had ACL surgery.

Last weekend I competed in the Pan Ams with my son. He got gold in the teens division then competed in the teens absolute and got silver.

I got gold in the senior brown belt division and then got gold in the senior brown belt absolute division fighting guys 20 to 60 lbs bigger than me. I think I was the only light weight to win an absolute division.

I still use your H.I.I.T program (Taku’s Intervals) and still recommend it to people all the time.

Thanks Again,"



That program is solid!


 Hey Rahknee,

I did not even notice that my name was no longer red until you said something. Thanks.

TAKU<---goes to see whats up with his name.

LOL - it is REALLY hard to guess who "the client" is:D

I admire him. Would like to meet in person once. Same goes for you TAKU:)

A Side Bar-
A couple weeks ago I overheard a co-worker decribe "Liam" (Taku) as the best trainer she'd ever worked with.

Dude's a stud..... even though he's bald.

[quote]sfbjj - A Side Bar-

Dude's a stud..... even though he's bald.[/quote]

I heard he's a good kisser, though, so that makes up for the hair loss.

Scrapper talks as if he's got first hand experience...

And WTF is up with me, Taku, and Scrapper not being mods since the switchover? I guess nobody likes us anymore?

 Hey Wiggy,

At least you and Scrapper are still Blue Namers....I have nothing


 Hey Jorx,

It would be nice to meet you as well. I think it would be cool if there was a way to get a bunch of us together all in the same place at the same time. Ross, Wiggy, Scrapper, Vermonter, KK, SFBJJ, we could all hang out and talk shop...and party like its 1999... or something like that.


you left out LittleMick...that wasn't nice. =P

I probably just won't visit the States any time in near future... If any of you does a euro-trip and happens to come near Estonia, let me know.

Man I will never get used to the 90 second intervals, trying to sprint for a minute and a half equals death. Great story Taku.

I've introduced my clients to Taku's Intervals on the Concept 2, and they all hate him.

Nothing new there, tho. EVERYONE gets their ass kicked with the 90 second intervals.

 Yep...90 seconds is a bear.