Great street fight in the ring in Holland story!

I was looking at the thread about the undefeated prison fighter and wanted to share a story with you guys who are interested. A couple of years ago when I was living in Holland we had a show at Sportskool Dekker which is Ramon Dekkers gym and the main training grounds for the Golden Glory team. There were a lot of fans there watching the kickboxing matches. After the show we were cleaning up, hanging up the bags, and putting the mats back out getting ready for training the next week.

I look over and see this guy getting in the ring with a fighter from the gym named Omar. Now Omar is super tough, hits like a truck, & fights B class in Holland. Everyone stopped what they were doing and walked over to the ring. I asked one of the guys who spoke good English what was going on. He told me that this other guy in the ring just got out of prison, claimed to be undefeated in the streets, and wanted to bet 100 Euros he could win a fight against one of the fighters. Guy didn't have any fights in the ring.

So we thought Omar would just KO him pretty quick. People started betting and then they started trading licks. They both had jeans and no mouthpieces. It was the most incredible fight I have ever seen. No kicks no rounds or time. These guys beat the crap out of each other until they couldn't hold their hands up. Both guys were bloody and spent. Finally both guys agreed to it being a draw.

Just thought about that while I was reading that thread. Wish it would have been recorded for you guys.

Cool story, how did their hands hold up damage wise? The biggest problem I've had with street fighting is breaking my knuckles.

I'm surprised the prisoner was able to compete in the cardio department against a trained fighter.

ttt for more info.

Where they kicking too, or just boxing due to the jeans?

I would have liked to see that!

They had small gloves on and no kicking. It was an incredible battle though.

The con guy shocked me because the fighter was heavy handed. Probably the best fight I have ever seen.

 theres probably a lot of very natural talented fighters out there. rampage is one of them. roy jones was as well. more of them will get into mma and when a really intelligent, quick learner comes along with all that natural talent we're gonna see a beast

that guy was a b.f (bornfighter) ala kirk douglas in "champion"

 That's how Kimbo started.

awesome... wish i could have seen it. when i was locked up i seen a fight like that between an AB brother and a big black dude ~ both pretty much ran shit in their click. it was an awesome brawl until a chair got thrown and the place erupted into a riot, complete with guards rushing in and beating down anyone who was not face to the wall with batons, tear gassing the pod, and just fucking random people up. it was still cool, fun and exciting as hell though.

Kirik -  That's how Kimbo started.

I was thinking about that when I saw all the Kimbo stuff.