Great Tab site!

check it

you have to DL PowerTab program to read the tabs but it transcribes the music in notation and tab...very cool-

I'm still playing with it but I'm sure you can edit pieces like solos and slow them down or whatever...everything I've looked up appears to be very accurate almost like to artist transcribed it, they have stuff I haven't found anywhere else- very cool-

also, become a member and DL the already zipped files, it is much easier-

Thats a great site, haven't been there for a long time!




Is it safe? I'm tired of cleaning up my computer. ;(

so far so good with me RX-

you can save the files to disc and then run them through an antivirus before opening but like I said, I haven't had any problem and have looked at about 30-40 files-

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Yeah, that site is pretty safe. I think there might be popus, so don't click on those, just close them - you know the drill.


If you guys want a REALLY wicked tab program check out guitar pro 4.

You can find evaluation copies of it with you're favorite p2p software.

Both of these programs are great. I've used them both for a long time now.

The people who tab songs out and send them to take great pride in the accuracy. (they get reviewed)

For an example of some insane tab work, check out the Power Tab file for Dream Theater's "Fatal Tragedy".

Vanilla Book online: