Great Tourney--NAGA Arnolds

Great job Kipp, JP, John Saylor, and crew...

800 competitors and 16 rings equals the smoothest and fastest tournament ever ran... we were out by about 5 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. Everyone got to watch the UFC as well as check out the freak show at the Arnold Expo.

The highlight for me was the finals of the advanced light-heavyweight division. Sorry I don't remember the guys' names but it was a back & forth, closely scored battle. The winner's flying armbars were some of the best I've ever seen... especially for a 185 pounder. Results will be posted on this forum and this week.

I look forward to seeing NAGA again in Columbus in July! Great job again to all the staff and competitors.

Event was tremendous!

But it won't be over till Kipp and Joe get home with the war wagon and the SUV. They have been driving all night.


It was the most well run tournament I have been to so far, and a freak
show next door for sure.

I've been reffing with NAGA for five years and this was close to if the the most well-run event we've had to date. It was fantastic.

Far cry from how the Tourney at the arnolds was ran last year. Good job Naga.

P.S. your sweatshirts are expensive!!!!  


Not a suprise, Kipp and the NAGA entourage always run a tight ship and put on a great show. Kiriks also got some sexy pirate shirts he likes to sport at the after-parties. Get him drunk enough and he whips out the eye patch too.

It was almost TOO well run. How many guys did you see come walking
into the gym at 10 or 11am saying, "What do you mean my division is
already up?" I think most of the guys were pretty shell shocked by the
organization. Kipp and the gang should have dragged their feet a
little and eased us into this "organized" thing...




It was over before the GRACIES ever used to start. I took 2nd in the ADVANCED NO-GI SUPERHEAVY and 3rd in the ABSOLUTE (expert). Was ran almost TOO well with awesome competition!


I'm Steve Hall Bitch!

I'll see you Miami Chris

There were 11ty billion different divisions, so there were no requirements to compete except for the courage to step up?

The best run tournament I have ever competed in. I was done early both days. I really like the 16 mats. Props to Kip, Kirik and all of the refs and support staff. I know you all had a LONG weekend. As one of the competitors, I really appriciate all the hard work that went into putting this on. And, if I can pat myself on the back, I took first place in Gi and No-Gi 50 and over division.

You see? It is possible to organize a tournament in America! Long Live NAGA and any other organization willing to step up and serve the competitor! Wasting our time while we wait for matches is the most disrepectful thing that any promoter can do.

I'm out for the NAGA Miami man. But we'll have fun at the worlds. Got that's gonna be a fun day of reffing!

Oh yeah, and you know your jealous!

Not bad if I say so myself :-)

Whats funny about all this you ask? The Gracies had a tourney this same weekend, in the same town, WITH PROS. No threads about it, becasue no one gave a shit. NAGA now rules Ohio, with their 2nd performance out-doing their already seemingly flawless debut in Reynoldsburg.

Kipp and NAGA RULE!