Great UFC article on UG member Roli

 You Can't Rattle Roli Delgado

"The last time we checked in with Rolando Delgado, ‘The Crazy Cuban’ was in that peculiar no man’s land known only to those who have competed on The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Fresh off the show (in his case, season eight) and fighting on the season finale card, it’s a chance to fight in the UFC, but since you’re fighting someone who was also on the reality series, some don’t see it as truly being a UFC fight..."

One of the most anticipated fights of the night for me, because I'm looking forward to seeing how Roli subs Winner live at the MEN

One to watch @ 155

 I'm stoked for this fight as well




I'm all for beard on 99.9% of the population, but im sorry Roli, you just can't pull it off. However, skinny people fighting!

i think i trained with him and then he fibbed me with a different name and fight org he was with

either that or it was another lanky bearded man

TTT for Roli. Roli's gonna show everyone that he's only getting more technical and stronger. Although this sucks:

"He also cut out the midday class he teaches while preparing for the bout, allowing him to rest up between his morning and evening training sessions. "

I want my coach back. :(

Gorilla Shark - roli is sponsored by a company that makes canned bacon, so I'm rooting for him



Good catch, John!