Great Vid: 15 Bodyweight OH Squats

Thats impressive

Why no shoes? Or shirt for that matter?


Easier to balance barefoot than it is in running shoes. When I'm do a workout that's only lifting, like what this guy is doing, I wear my lifting shoes - running shoes feel too squishy and differently balanced.

damn i feel like a wimp. i did OH with 65 pounds today.


LOL - I don't know how cool they make me, I didn't get one of the stylish pairs available out there. Mine kinda look like bowling shoes. ;)

LOL - there you go! Then I'll be the jealous one. ;)


That was a cool vid. Hard work. I am a big fan of OH squats.

I try to go a little deeper when I do mine.

One of the guys at my gym regularly does triples with over 250lbs. Slow perfect form, ass to the ground. He weighs about 180-190lbs.

It is awesome to see someone do them with such great control.



He needs to go lower then that! Thats barely parallel!

Strong and very tough to do though.

I'd be scared of having the ball thing behind me. I like to bail when I got to bail!

I never do any OHS. I should see what I can do later but 15reps is a LONG WAY away!


Never been a problem in me getting up from a Snatch if I get the Snatch.

The loads of the OHS are a lot less then my front/ back squats which are performed with good form. So the OHS isn't that hard to do.

I go to rock bottom in the Snatch and have never failed to get up because the weight was too heavy to squat up. Once the bar is in the correct position I'll get up from it. I've struggled a few times when I wasn't feeling that strong or didn't catch the bounce or was just weak that session. Like today I tried to get up with 90Kg but got about 3inches or so and had to get back down. Reset my position then came up easily. Still Snatched 110Kg today.

My coach has never put them in my schedules and my weak point has not been getting up out of an OHS. I suppose I did a few sessions of them about 3months ago. Up to 80kg for 4reps.

OHS are a BEAST of an exercise though. I'll do some after the British Champs for a mix up. It will be interesting to see how much weight I could actually do.


Alot of the Chinese squat jerk and can OHS as much as they FSQ. They start from the bottom. The 60-70kg guys are OHS'ing 200kgs. Science fiction......