Great way to troll Facebook today

"Happy Mothers Day to all the single parent dads out there raising kids on their own."

Warch the triggering that ensues. 

Done. Maybe someone will finally give me the attention I so desperately need

lol I'm going to use this.

That's basically me right now, I approve of this

Isn't this a thing for a while now? Single dads claiming both days? Fuck yeah

I would do this myself but I don't do social media. Post replies please.

suess - Why would an adult be trolling people?

You've been on this board for 6.5 years and if you haven't figured it out by now, you ain't gonna.

Lol. I'm tempted.

I've said "Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there today and also to all the single Dads that have both roles"...........and never gotten heat back for it. I've done the opposite on Fathers Day and not been blown up. 

suess - Why would an adult be trolling people?
Why would an adult allow themselves to be triggered

Best way to troll facebook is finding one of those pictures of an overweight girl posting how she is proud of her body and what she looks like. 

Everyone in the comments will be like "You're so beautiful!!!!" - But obviously they are just encouraging her, and feeling better about themselves 

You say "She looks really good - if she lost like 5 pounds she would be a perfect 10!" 

The women will get absolutely infuriated

I posted this on moms timeline.  My sister like it:

MarsMan -
suess - Why would an adult be trolling people?
Since when do people become adults?

Heck, you got the president of the most powerful nation in the world trolling on Twitter...

Putin's on Twitter now??