Greatest '80s Asian Comedic character

Would it be racist to say they all look the same?


“Theres NOTHING in the box!!! Youre so stuuuuuupid!!!”

UHF was a Hidden Gem

The world could use a few spatula cities

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Holy shit, I just realized that was Richie from The Sopranos before he gave Tony the jacket and Tony sister put three in his chest

UHF has been on the list to watch with the kids for years.

I feel like it’s probably aged horribly… or is even more amazing.

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The guy named after a Duck’s Dork was first to come to mind

“Hey Sexy Girl-friend!”



Do it… do it…

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I watched it maybe a month ago and it’s still fucking great.


Ok. deal. It’s happening before the end of the week.

I’ll report back. I suspect a similar experience as Beavis and Butthead Do America where my son is laughing his ass off and my daughter sits there horrified.

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We will eagerly be waiting in this thread for your review👍