Greatest Celebrity Guest Host Yet.

 Super Dave.

I only saw part of it, was Fuji with him?

No Fuji, unfortunately.  SuperDave is good on the stick, though.

Between the celebrity host and what appeared to be a feud between Victoria and Mark Henry, I thought I was watching Raw for a minute.

Is there something wrong with Super Dave's voice or was he just sick when he appeared on TNA?

 I think he's had a bit of a cold since 1981.

That was laughably bad.

He didn't even know what the hell he was pushing, and had to be bailed out the entire time by Taz and Tenay.

Why do they insist on having these people on these shows?  You really couldn't find ONE person who was at least passingly familiar with the product?

Super Dave is awesome.

Been a fan of his for a long time.

I watched his special last night, and he didn't even seem real familar with his own product. i think it's his comedic style.