Greatest fighter that you don't like watching?

Has to be GSP for me in terms of all time. A ridiculously well rounded fighter who was difficult to watch. Others were worse like Fitch for example but GSP in terms of Ability being inversely proportional to entertainment is off the charts. 

This latest incarnation of Jones also is becoming ridiculous to watch having been one of the most exciting guys previously. This guy can practically destroy any fighter at any weight that's ever competed in any fight sport yet has become incredibly boring to watch. 

Nobody who finished fights regularly should remotely come close to such a description but everyone has an opinion I guess 

triforce -

Usman couldn't be more boring

Woodley is worse Imo

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Many people saying usman and i couldn’t agree more about him being boring, but thread title says ‘greatest’. He’s top of the weakest WW division we’ve seen in a long time. This might be sitting on the fence a little but I enjoy watching all the greats 

wiggum - Jake Shields had a genuinely great career and was tough to watch.

Came here to say Jake as well.

John Fitch is another good pick.


For me it was Rousey, although that was partly because I got sick and tired of the UFC hype machine behind her. The talent pool in WMMA was (and still is) so shallow that she was able to dominate and, for a while at least, appear invincible. 

Jon Fitch.  Fought just like GSP but was so boring!  

And Frankie Edgar.  Like watching someone shadow boy for half an hour 

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johnny hendricks

DJ. And I think the masses would agree. 

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Jones. He used to do cool throws and shit but now he is boring.

wombat - 

And Frankie Edgar.  Like watching someone shadow boy for half an hour 

Man, that shit has annoyed me over the years.

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Mighty mouse

Edgar has to be the winner

Only one other person sayin Khabib?  That’s a surprise.  But very obvious answer.

I hate Khabib and watching his fights,  I get it though, he’s the best at what he does.  And it’s unstoppable and what works for him.  


But other then the initial excitement of the fight prefight…  it usually works out just like we thought it would, and his fights have usually been bad stylistic matchups.  


But if he can throw around Cormier, he’s winning unless it’s a flash KO

Painful to watch.

Rakoshi -

Used to be Jones, now Adesanya. 


Surprised everyone is saying Usman after that war with Colby last year, and the fact that he won all those other boring fights fighting at 30%.


The correct answer here is GSP. Years and years of awful fights.

Misaki - Jones.

Not as flashy as he once was.

Dirty fighter with the eye pokes, PEDs, ect.

He hasn't eye poked anyone in like 5 fights... 

Usman for me