greatest grappling moments that ALMOST happened

Fedor in ADCC


Rickson vs. Sakuraba

GSP competed in ADCC 2005.

Shen vs Butterbean

dokomoy - GSP competed in ADCC 2005.

didnt do too well either

GSP's grappling has skyrocketed since then. he spent time at renzo's, went to brazil, absorbed a lot of wisdom from john dannaher, and got his black belt in montreal. denis kang has spent time up in montreal rolling with him as well.

Oh yeah... forgot about him in 2005. I meant the 2009 ADCC he was supposed to be in.

White Culture - 
dokomoy - GSP competed in ADCC 2005.

didnt do too well either

That was over 4 years ago, he has improved drastically. I beleive hew was a purple belt at the time.

alittleknowledge - Shen vs Butterbean

Actually pushes up glasses it is a little known fact that this fight did, in fact, take place in a cage suspended in an active volcano.

Check youtube.

White Culture - dokomoy - GSP competed in ADCC 2005.didnt do too well either

He went 1-1 the year he competed. In his first match, he beat Otto Olson, the 2003 silver medalist for that weight class.

Ryron Gracie vs Marc Laimon

The match happened, but it wasn't much of a "grappling" moment ;)

this fight will most likely never happen, but would be an amazing display of Jiu-Jitsu

Roger Gracie vs Braulio Estima

andy wang vs jeff monson :(

My fights against both Butterbean & Ari Bolden have been discussed to death on this forum. Please just drop it.

--Although I will say people who feel I "suck" simply because I got Gogoplata'ed by Butterbean, CLEARLY are noobs who don't realize ANYTHING can happen in a grappling match.

Similarly, I feel there is NO Shame in losing on points to a guy with THE largest grappling instructional site on the web.

I live the life of a warrior and sometimes warriors are defeated by even greater warriors.

No regrets,


I once saw Shen having marital relations with Butterbean. Oh, what? that was supposed to be a grappling match? Was the strategy to dry-hump to lucky sub? The only person who should feel worse than Shen for that loss is Butterbean for that victory. What a frickin' travesty.

Marcelo beating Robert Drysdale by submission would have been my greatest "almost" moment.

He would have tapped out everyone in his lbs class and open division at 170lbs had that happened.

Tito's triangle on Machida. I almost shat myself.

Rickson vs Liborio...

Dan Hunt - Tito's triangle on Machida. I almost shat myself.

Sylvia's attempted triangle on Monson. Double shat. Then I made my girlfriend shat herself just for the enormity of it. The relationship was strained for some time thereafter.

K3YLOCK - Rickson vs Liborio...

Hayastan vs any Gracie.

Karelin vs. any other style.

Helio defeating Kimura.... oh wait nvrmind that wasnt even close..