Greatest K1 KO Ever

I haven't followed K1 closely since it began many years ago, so this one is
new to me.

Hari v Graham from the Grand Prix Oceania Elimination Quarterfinals.

Hari was really mouthing off to Graham in the presser and the two had a
fist fight there. This was a great fight and a great KO.

yes, that KO was a thing of beauty!

Btw. The damage was a jaw broken in several places. And about 10 minutes of unconsciousness in the ring.

That was an amazing fight, too. Anybody who doubts that the newer K-1 events can be exciting should watch that whole event. Its buried with all my stuff from the 2006, but GOT-DAMN, I remember thinking that it was an overall amazing event when I watched it.

and a few month before that, Leko KOd Hari with a similar spinning back kick aswell (although to the body). What goes around, comes around.

Its too bad Hari punished Grahams leg so much that Peter lost in the next round to Paul Slowinsky (the drawback of a tournament format, you may well walk into a fight half beaten to a pulp and face a almost fresh opponent).

As for Hari, I have to admit that after this KO he has not mouthed of or acting the "bad boy" against anyone. Maybe he actually learned some humility.

Has anyone seen the kick that Mirko landed on Mike Bernardo in K1 World Grand Prix '99 Round One? It wasn't a Ko, but it was extremely impressive, especially just watching the approach to the kick

Francisco Filho's short-traveled one punch KO of Andy Hug was pretty impressive too.

I used to really like K1 back when it was strictly kickboxing, not now tho.

The only thing more awesome than that KO is the play it was taped over. LOL at the contrast

not much comes close to Feitosa KOing Musashi, the NO1 KO in the top 10 countdown that Pastafarian posted.

The best roundkick must be Remy Bonjasky KO over Petar Majstorovic at K-1 paris 2002. I didnt think he was going to get up from that one.


WTF about the last few seconds of the vid lol. Great KO though...


no, Hari is back.
He healed the jaw while spending time in prison (he helped a friend beat someone up and got paid for it).
After he got out he has fought Ruslan Karaev (2 times 1win, 1loss both by KO), Paul Slowinsky (win, dec), Nicholas Pettas (win, TKO, Pettas couldnt continue due to injury), and latest in K-1 Hawai two months ago -Yusuke Fujimoto (win, KO)

Sadly, he gets much better fights in k-1 than Graham.
Graham is still in the dog house as far as K-1 is concerned, even if he actually do get fights again.

LeBanner's comeback KO on Aerts was amazing in the 99' GP

What about Leko's KO over Aerts...he lifted him off his feet w/ that punch!

Does K1 Heroes count? If it does , it has to be JZ's flying knee KO. He is my hero!!


ttt 4 later

Peter Aerts Vs Andy Hug in the 1998 GP final


I wish I could find the vid of Mo getting KOed. I remember someone saying it was the first time they saw a human being simply turned off.

^^^^ 5 seconds of search on youtube later:

ahh i thought it was maurice smith you guys were talking about, nice ko