Greatest MMA Highlights, Week 1

I'm going to post the top 10 most downloaded highlight videos on Sub Fighter currently. I'll start off with one of my own(ranked #4 right now)

MMA Desire

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ttt for an awesome video, keep it up robert.

Great post, that video was very well done.


where did it go?

i didnt get a chance to see it

Robert, ive watched alot of your HL vids

you do some great work man, keep it up

anything by mick b. this ones really good though.

Mick B and Robert Park are the two best HL vid makes ever

great vid.

did you make (or have you seen) the pulver highlight vid that is set to the music from 'the passion'?


Haven't seen it.



btw, robby p's saku hl is a thing of beauty as well.