Greatest Nicknames Eva

Grand Champion: Howard the Coward, from RITC fame.

Also: Wes the Wus.

Both, actual nicknames

Kerry Meat Truck Shall

Craig "Craig Watson" Watson


Eddie Sanchez

Mayhem!! Nuff said.

415 :)

Royce "The Farmer" Alger

"Little Man's Syndrome"

The Smashing Machine


Best nickname ever = The Hillbilly Heart Throb


I think the Coward one is Rolands inability to speak (as he is an idiot)

My friend Curt's nickname was the tower as in "curt the tower howard" (not really his just some dumb thing Roland would call him). So, if this was the same thing its just a moronic Rolandism.

How are you doing Godfather?

I am well.

Don't forget Jerry "the punching bag" Spiegal


danny 'the badger' anderson. call him and wake him up and see how he got the nickname.

The Cannon!!!!!111111111111

The Diet Butcher, because it makes no sense to me.

Hillbilly Hearthrob is a great one, too.

I remember Tyson fought a guy named

"The Danish Pastry"

the mental oriental

sonny leong